Een charmante en stijlvolle dame.

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Meet Grace.

Grace knows perfectly what she wants.

Everyone goes right? Then she goes to the left. She relies on her strengths and talents. Nothing or no one will stop her. Grace is aware of her femininity. And attaches great importance to a healthy lifestyle. Soda or alcohol? Grace only does that from time to time. Because she resolutely opts for fit and cheerful. To give the best of themselves. Always. And to be the lady she wants to be. This is how "Sips of Grace" is born.

Ga voor het allerbeste.

Do you want to sparkle with energy like Grace? Then you make no compromises. And only settle for the highest attainable. With "Sips of Grace" you choose tasty and healthy water. Wherever you go, you can easily take your Sips with you. Vary during the day with the numerous flavors. This way you fully enjoy all the healing powers.

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Onze Missie.

We want a world in which everyone takes care of themselves. Be unique and take care of yourself. This way you can be your authentic self. No peer pressure, no prejudice. Just you. We want to contribute to that self-care with Sips of Grace.

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100 % Natuurlijk

A Sips bag exists out of 100 % natural ingredients.

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Zonder toegevoegde suikers

There are no sugars added to the Sips pouches. We only add some extra natural sugars such as stevia or honey to our Siptails.

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Eenvoudig mee te nemen

Your Sips are packed in such a way that you can easily take them with you. Wherever you go. This way you can enjoy your Sips anytime, anywhere.

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